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I didn't even realize I still owned this community, as I do not use this account much anymore, but I am in the process of leaving Livejournal and I wanted to know if anyone wants to take over this community. I have combined this community and another Bleach community I ran to form [community profile] bleachfemslash on Dreamwidth, to preserve the community. If no one is willing by the time I delete this journal I will be deleting the community. Please let me know if you are interested.

Round one of Bleach_Kinkmeme is open!

[permission to post this given by comm owner]


"Kink memes are commentfic fests found usually on Livejournal or other journaling services with similar threaded comment capability.

Most are fandom- or even pairing-specific, and they are nearly always anonymous. Some run continuously, others have set times where posting is allowed.

Fans post prompts, which can range from the very vague to so exact they are nearly story outlines, and other fans fill the request by responding with custom-made fan works, usually fanfic, but sometimes with fan art."
- what is a kinkmeme on fanlore

Round One